the gift that keeps on giving…Mother’s Day edition

Mother’s Day is a day that one either gets to enjoy the fruits of one’s labors or wallow in the misery of one’s failures.  On the path where mother and child were not separated but walked the course together, the wallowing does not come until decades later, usually. For the mother who chose adoption for her child, the failures get to eat away at her the very first year and then every year thereafter, life without end, etc.

Let me start here by saying that I am weary of people telling me to quit being so hard on myself.  This is not me being hard on myself but, rather, the mere facts.  The path I chose sucks for me and will probably pretty much always suck on more levels than is fair, but you know what they say about life being fair, so….

All I can say is that I hope it’s all turned out better for him.