if only….

Some may scoff at the compelling temptation of the human soul to “indulge” in “if only.”  For a great many birthmothers, I find, and myself included, “if only” is the trap that we do not get the luxury of avoiding.

So for those who find “if only” distasteful, you may stop reading and participating here.

For the rest of us, please know you are welcome to speak freely your “if only” here.  This is a safe place, free of judgment.

And I’ll go first.

If only wisdom had kicked into my soul when fertility and vitality kicked into my biology.

If only…


2 thoughts on “if only….

  1. If only I had allowed that little voice inside that said this is wrong come out. That voice that said this can’t be the only option. The voice that said these people don’t love you, they are not genuine, they want what you have and that is all. If only I could have had the strength to stand up to them all, take my child home with me and never look back.

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