an update

I knew it had been a while since I’d written, but I just looked at the date and saw that it’s been over a month???  I’ve no idea how that happened, how time went that fast!

And…there’s a reason I’ve been quiet lately, actually.  It seems (fingers crossed) there may be a reunion in the near future…?

Thank you so much, every one of you, who’ve been supportive throughout the difficult process of getting to this point.  I can honestly say that all of the pain leading up to hearing from my son just vanished as if it never was the moment I heard from him – just like with childbirth: you immediately forget the pain and difficulty the moment you lay eyes on your child and hear his or her cry!  It’s like this big chunk of me that had been seemingly gone forever just clicked back into place.  I cannot even begin to describe the feeling, the relief!