vultures and vampires

It took a few years for me to catch up with the phenomenon known as American Idol.  Oddly enough, it was back in 2008, when I had gone as long as I could go with trying to catch my breath and recover from all of the effects of giving up my child and made my first of many escapes to the mountains.  I stayed at one of the many lodges in one of the majestic national forests, and when I was flipping through the channels, happened upon a angelic-faced young man in dreadlocks singing “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen and was surprised and quickly drawn in.

I haven’t watched it every year, but I did watch this year and became enthralled by the young performer named Charlie Askew.  And I watched as the media machine shot him out like a clay pigeon and shot him down with a gazillion holes.  And that is the world in which we live.

Of course, everything horrible about life in this world reminds me of what it was like after I surrendered my child.  But seeing the media frenzy blow one hard day in the life of one young man waaaaay out of proportion, I was reminded of how the vultures and vampires came out to pluck my eyes and life essence when I had been kicked down as far as I could possibly go – to the point I was dying and didn’t even care.

An unseen presence cared, though, and that is how I maintained breath in my body and grabbed hold of a liferaft and got my bearings enough to also grab hold of a will to live.  This world is disgusting.  Stinky, smelly, horrid…just so many things there aren’t words for – and I don’t want there to be words for.

If they can’t find a way to rape one way, they’ll find another.  I could have been sucked in by the fame monster just as easily as I was by the adoption machine.  It’s all the same.

And yet there is the indelible human spirit whose candle still burns steadily and brightly with a light not of this world in spite of it all…I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again: Don’t tell me there isn’t grace!!!


One thought on “vultures and vampires

  1. These are times for me in which the black backdrop of things in the world today highlight grace more than ever! I often find that faith makes a fine frame for grace…or is it the other way around? Does it matter? The classice sticks with me: where sin does abound, grace does much more abound!

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