am i through talking?

Just for today, anyway, instead of ranting, I have a desire to watch, listen, and learn, so I am doing some research.

I wonder: has there been a study done by credible research professionals and institutions, specifically, on single women whose pregnancies were unplanned who are considering adoption versus women of the same scenario (single, unplanned pregnancy, similar socioeconomic statuses and backgrounds, etc.) who know they want to parent their unborn child(ren)?  What does the brain activity look like on a scan between the 2 groups?  What sorts of commonalities are there in the women who consider relinquishing versus those who haven’t considered it for even a second?  What are the differences?

If such studies exist, I wonder where I might find them?

Don’t take this to mean I might not do an about face and be a raving lunatic again tomorrow.  Just take it to mean that, just for today, I am merely more curious than I am mad, or sad, or glad, or what-have-you.  Or maybe I’m just trying to find a way to fill the time…Separation by adoption is a very long, unrelenting journey, after all…


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