A truth that can’t be run from!

I’ve never thought of it this way, and I’ve never heard it put this way before, but, by gosh, she is so right:  Force Of Nature (!!!)

There are so many first mothers (the ones who were mothers first to their children before an adoptive parent stepped in) that inspire me and help me keep my eye on the prize: which is no families torn apart by adoption when it really is not what is truly needed.  Adoption is not the answer when it is merely a desperate grasp for some kind of help with an overwhelming – but very temporary – dilemma, which is what I have found the case to be with most of the first mothers I’ve come across.  Our responsibility is to do all we can to get to the heart of what’s motivating this mom to relinquish her child and terminate her parental rights and to make absolutely certain that it is not a temporary set of circumstances that have caused mothers to opt for such a drastic measure.

Speaking from experience, when one wakes up and realizes that one is stuck between a rock and a hard place, it is natural for one’s confidence to be shaken.  Shoot, one’s whole world is rocking and reeling, and there seems to be nowhere to turn for answers!  Add the complication of absolutely crazy hormonal fluctuations and the extreme vulnerability that a mother’s changing body forces her to face, and she becomes the most ripe candidate for exploitation – right up there with small children!  And, frankly, the more adoption stories I hear and come across, they only solidify my conclusion that adoption is nothing more than exploitation in its most brash and insidious form.


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