in other heartbreaking news….

I’m starting to come out of mourning, much to my relief.  The worst part about grief is how self-absorbing the process of grieving seems to be.  Self-absorption is my least favorite place to be, but I’ve learned that sometimes it’s a necessary part of growth.

My heart broke for this man and for his first mom when I read this: Green Day bassist mourns the loss of his birth mother.  I’m sure if I heard a Green Day song out and about somewhere I wouldn’t be able to recognize it, but this really broke my heart.  He searched for 10 years, they were practically neighbors the whole time, and he didn’t actually find her until a month before she died.

Stories like these, for me, made me glad I didn’t go through the traditional route, but, more than that, they really increase the urgency I feel to fight the good fight to open up adoption records.


1 thought on “in other heartbreaking news….

  1. I had not heard this though I do listen to some Green Day stuff on occasion. What a hear ache! Never give up, never give in, I know it’s worth fighting for my friend.

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