The Kremlin is pro-child!!

Yes!!  I was hoping this is what the ban was about: “The important thing is not the response measures [to the Magnitsky Act] but the new Russian reality: Believe in yourself, rely on yourself. Support families and not businesses that exploit children,” Kremlin: Adoption ban needed to create ‘Russia Without Orphans’ (+video)

Will there be bumps in the road?  Yes, I’m sure.  But I absolutely love that they’ve really looked long and hard at the adoption business as modeled by the US and have rejected it altogether.  I’m a fan of the ban…just sayin’!  Even if it is politically motivated as was suggested toward the end of the article, I’m still for it.  There is a difference between an orphan and an abandoned child (a true orphan is a child whose parents are both deceased and who have no other family members to care for them in their parents’ absence), and there is a difference, too, when it comes to children being taken away from a parent or parents.  I’m hoping this will inevitably start addressing the real issues creating orphaned and abandoned children, as well as children being taken away from their parents.  I hope that this Russia Without Orphans means that, in addition to finding more foster and adoptive homes, they will also start looking at addressing the issues of expectant parents who are at risk and looking into ways of getting more pro-active with treatment for addiction and abuse and start looking at how to help with poverty conditions, etc.


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