An International Adoptee’s Persective and activism

A beautiful soul and a beautiful life.  I absolutely LOVE what this woman brings to adoption!  Guest Blog Post – An interview with JaeRan Kim – an internationally adopted adult.  Her adoption blog site is: Harlow’s Monkey.  Great reading and resources!!

In other news, I responded to a Craig’s list ad in Hawaii: we a spare bedroom.  Super creepy, right?  Well, here is the response I emailed to the persons taking out the ad:

If you are not planning on including the mom in the upbringing of your child, you are perpetuating a real problem.  The deep, dark (emphasis on dark) world of adoption, the secrecy have lifelong negative impacts.  I am a birth mother who has become an activist as a result of getting to know other adoptees and the damage it does to the soul.  I hope you will look into this, and look long and hard before you willingly accept another woman’s child and lock her out.  The biological link that begins in the womb is a lot of what a developing child counts on for making sense of our world.  When that biological link is severed, the effects can be very profound…and not necessarily in a good way.  Please do more research and seriously think about what you are asking of other human beings.

Thank you,
(and I did provide my first and last name in the signature of the message, but, since I have not met my son yet, I am choosing to keep this blog site anonymous for reasons I may yet explain in future entries).


Who knows if they will listen, but at least it was said.


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