Oh, boo flippin’ WHO (do you think you are)!!

Stories like this get my BLOOD BOILING: U.S. family in limbo after Russia adoption ban

The article makes this claim: “The law is widely seen as retaliation for a new American law banning Russians accused of human rights violations from entering the United States” (paragraph 6 of the article, just underneath the 3 related links).  Other news outlets have touted a generalized claim along the same lines (the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, to name a few).  That’s not to say that we aren’t within our rights to disallow human rights violators to come and move freely within our borders.  What I am saying is that, if it is part of what motivated the ban, I see it as Russia calling us on the culture of hypocrisy that our adoption practices are steeped in – the pot calling the kettle black, if you will – and they are right to call us on it.

Go ahead on, Russia!!  Let’s go ahead and talk about the human rights violations of high-and-mighty Americans to whom all entitlements are [NOT] due!

Let’s talk about 7-year-old Artyem Saviliev, who was renamed Justin after his US adoption.  In 2o1o, just six months after the adoption was finalized, his mom, Torry Hansen, put him on a plane, escorted by a COMPLETE STRANGER, back to his native Russia with a note in his backpack stating that she no longer wished to parent the child:  Tennessee Mother Ships Adopted Son Back to Moscow Alone

Let’s talk about 2-year-old Nina Victoria Hilt, who died as a result of the wounds inflicted while being kicked and punched by adoptive mom, Peggy Sue Hilt:  Mother Admits Killing Daughter.  The little girl’s body was bruised from head to toe.

Let’s talk about Anya, Sasha and Oksana, whose parents avoided jail time as part of a plea deal when charges were brought against them for child abuse: Couple Accused Of Abusing Adopted Russian Sisters Avoid Jail

Let’s talk about Dima Yakovlev, David Polreis, Jr, Logan Higginbotham, Viktor Matthey, Luke Evans, Jacob Lindorff, Zachary Higier, Maria Bennett, Jessica Albina Hagmann, Liam Thompson, Alex Pavlis, Dennis Merryman, Nina Hilt, Issac Jonathan  Dystra, Nikolai Emelyantsev, Chase Harrison, Nathaniel Craver, and Anton Fomin, just to name a few of the children who all died because of the atrocious acts of their American adoptive parents.

If Russia has decided to stop letting the adoption machine ride the gravy train on the backs of their children, I say, Yes to that, AMEN!  Good for you, Russia!  Maybe we’re too chickensh** to speak out about how insidious adoption is here in our own country because there’s too much money in it to rock the boat, but at least someone has decided to stop bowing their knee to the almighty dollar and give the children a voice, for a change!

But, back to the original tear-jerker post about the poor Summers who, “began filling their New Jersey home with baby clothes, a crib and even a stroller. They traveled to his orphanage in Russia twice to bond with him, and they gave him a name: Preston Mackey Summers.”  You bonded with him?  Twice??  Wow!!  And you even gave him a name??  Are you freaking kidding me???  He already HAS a name, you psychos!  A good, strong Russian name, no doubt.  It’s all so sanctimonious my gag reflex has risen within me full bore.  And the web and the air waves are starting to fill up with more “heartbreaking” stories, *cough* crap, just like this.

Let me introduce you pious peeps to OUR world, how it really goes down: The world doesn’t owe you a child!  The world doesn’t owe you JACK!  No one knows about that more than mothers who’ve relinquished their children for adoption – and no one is much questioning pregnant women are who are already convinced of their own worthiness – or, rather, lack thereof.  It is, of course, already implied what we are deserving of (and that, of course, would be jack).  We all got the memo and the message rang loudly and clearly that these revered patron saints of Parentdom are far more deserving seeing as how they’ve already invested hundreds of thousands in cold, hard cash toward procuring a child.  Every adoption is, as we’ve all conceded: One more unwanted baby off the streets, so score one more for the rootin’ tootin’ adoption machine who saves the day, yay!!  If we dare to venture to the really scary places then we enter into to the dark inner recesses of the world of the adopted child…Perhaps the Reverend Keith C. Griffith said it best: “Adoption Loss is the only trauma in the world where the victims are expected by the whole of society to be grateful.”

Russia is a big country.  They are their own country.  The right of the people of any country is to govern themselves and not be subject to the laws and opinions of other countries.  Concerning this shockwave of outrage throughout America over this ban on US adoption, what part of the inalienable rights endowed by the Creator do you not understand???  If it applies to the American people, it applies to all people because, Newsflash: The Creator did not begin or end with the good ole U. S. of A.  The people of Russia have spoken, and their leaders listened.  End of story.  Among their inalienable rights, the Russians have a right to tell anybody who cares to ask: No, you cannot have our children – not for a price, not for anything!  Maybe they have finally started to figure out that their children are their greatest asset and hope for a brighter future rather than being among the bigger of their problems to be solved – or maybe it’s at least a start in that direction.  As for me, I’m going to cheer them on and wish them well.


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