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I Own It; Making Mistakes, Accepting Responsibility and Regret

I have browsed through a little bit of literature on adoption through the years.  It’s hard to make myself read – or it was.  Part of what made it hard was not really hearing my voice.  I wasn’t a teenager whisked away in the dark of night to a home for unwed mothers with my child whisked away as soon as he came out of the womb never to be seen or heard from in my life ever again.  I called myself being completely in control of every aspect.  I’ve been re-thinking that recently, though.  I called myself being the antithesis of a victim of circumstance, but, really, I was just lapping up the Kool Aid like everybody else who got hoodwinked out of our parental rights by the lies floating around about what a wonderful “alternative” adoption is to the “tragedy” of unplanned pregnancy.  I called myself breaking the cycle of the “negative pattern” of single motherhood, but, really, the signs seem to be pointing to my having been just another cog in the wheel perpetuating an even more insidious cycle.

It is liberating to hear someone say what I should have said years ago…I may be quoting this blogger a lot.  Thanks C.  You are a lovely voice in the cause of healing the old wounds.  ❤


1 thought on “A post from blog I love

  1. I really pray that this brings you the healing you need…even if it’s a step. Nobody can keep all that poison inside without it taking a terrible toll. Grace to you my friend.

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